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T Bar Cabinet Handle

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T bar cabinet handle


Grade 202 19mm dia stainless steel bolt through T bar handle

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Polished Stainless Steel, Satin Stainless Steel


156mm o/a x 96mm c/c, 188mm o/a x 128mm c/c, 220mm o/a x 160mm c/c, 244mm o/a x 184mm c/c, 294mm o/a x 234mm c/c, 344mm o/a x 284mm c/c, 394mm o/a x 334mm c/c, 444mm o/a x 384mm c/c, 494mm o/a x 434mm c/c, 544mm o/a x 484mm c/c, 580mm o/a x 520mm c/c, 655mm o/a x 595mm c/c, 706mm o/a x 646mm c/c, 835mm o/a x 775mm c/c, 920mm o/a x 860mm c/c


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